UK Barclays Phone

There was a time when people didn’t travel with many of their valuables. A piece of jewelry or a single credit card have an obvious importance. But they’re also quite easy to keep track of. But the time when people traveled with only one or two valuable items is a distant memory. Modern technology has simplified many areas of life. But they’ve also served to make travel considerably more complicated.

Now, travelers are given a rather daunting responsibility. They need to keep track of all of their expensive electronic devices. Small electronics such as smart watches, tablets and especially phones are easy to lose. And a phone is among the more often misplaced items when people are out and about. We use phones for so many tasks that it’s often in our hand when encountering new and exciting situations.

Likewise, we then tend to put the phone down for a minute or two. The novelty of a situation can often mean forgetting about the phone. This might simply mean not knowing where one has lost his phone. Or it could mean that a thief took advantage of the distraction. But either way, it means that an especially valuable piece of technology is now lost.

What happens next will depend on one’s planning. If one has an account with Barclays than there’s a few built-in options that can take care of lost devices. In particular, Barclays phone protection plans extend to all current customers. Existing customers simply need to sign up for the Tech Plan.

On acceptance, a customer can now depend on the Tech Plan’s protection. It covers up to four devices, with a maximum value of £1,500 per device. It’s important to keep in mind that the Tech Plan is only available to existing customers. However, there’s no stipulation on how long one must have been a customer. Someone who wants to use the Tech Plan can simply sign up with Barclays. And from that point on they can join the Tech Plan at any time.

It’s also important to note that the protection only works for losses seen after one joins the Tech Plan. The monthly cost for a Tech Plan is quite reasonable though. Anyone who travels should find the investment of £12.50 per month to be a small cost for true peace of mind.

The plan has additional value due to the fact that Barclays is such a well-established institution. The brand has been actively associated with trusted financial transactions since 1736. One can easily trust that they’ll still be around in the future. Their history also shows that they’ll be among the first to adapt to any upcoming changes to the digital landscape. Many institutions struggle to adapt to even minor changes in the technological world. Barclays has demonstrated that level of adaptability time and time again. To the point where it’s a foundation one can build a trip, a hobby or a livelihood around.