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One of the most important enablers of business is logistics. Without proper logistics channels, it would be hard for companies to operate effectively. Logistics companies are also critical in enabling global trade and the exchange of goods. DHL is a world leader when it comes to logistics solutions.

Daisy Hillboom and Lynn (DHL) international was founded in America and now serves almost in all corners of the world. Despite DHL’s humble beginnings, the company was focused on expanding and serving the international market. In the 1970s, DHL begun to expand internationally and later increased its presence in America after realizing that there was a massive opportunity for investments.

The intra-US expansion proved very profitable, and the company was able to gain considerable mileage in growth and infrastructure in the 70s. DHL headquarters in USA located in Plantation, Florida. The company also has other headquarters for the Asia-Pacific region and emerging markets in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and China. The Central European hub is in Leipzig, Germany.

Since the ownership of DHL moved from USA to Germany, the company is now able to do deliveries in many parts of the world that are affected by sanctions end embargoes of the US government. DHL can deliver to Cuba, Afghanistan, and Iraq. DHL can also deliver to countries such as North Korea although there are strict codes on working with the country due to its huge rift with the western states.

DHL realized the effects of climate change and pollution and decided to start programs that promote the use of alternative energy. Although some vehicles in its fleet have been changed to use alternative fuel, DHL hopes to do more by ensuring that more than half of its fleet uses compressed natural gas.

In 2014, DHL purchased StreetScooter, a company that manufactures electric vehicles. This purchase was in line with the company’s goal to use more environment-friendly vehicles and zero emissions. By 2016, the company had produced more than 2,000 vehicles. The company hopes to replace its 70,000 vehicles DHL fleet with a range of electric vans.

DHL has also been actively involved in sports and the development of talents. The company supports a lot of motor racing events as well as other sports events throughout the world. In 2002, for instance, DHL was the main title sponsor of the Jordan formula one team. To get in touch with DHL, use the DHL contact number 0844 248 0844.